Esther's Eunuchs


Esther finds a little one crying. The eunuch asks: "What is this commotion?" Esther asks  the eunuch if she (the little one) could only be with her sister. Esther further states: "An easy remedy by a man of authority here." The eunuch replies, "Men, you won’t find any
men here."

Gay men are also called “females” in the Aramaic language. They aren’t always considered being a man because they aren’t attracted to women.

(Syriac Dictionary, edited by J. Payne Smith 1998, pgs 92 & 354)
Ni-shai, ni-sha-ya, ni-shay-ta – female, effeminate
Esther and some other women are watching this eunuch perform the proper etiquette of a queen before the king. (Pictures 1-6 are from The Bible Esther (a movie) Copyright MM Trimark Home Video, Copyright  LUBE S.r.l. 1998)
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