Esther's Eunuchs


Esther finds a little one crying. The eunuch asks: "What is this commotion?" Esther asks  the eunuch if she (the little one) could only be with her sister. Esther further states: "An easy remedy by a man of authority here." The eunuch replies, "Men, you won’t find any men here."

Gay men are also called "women" and “females” in the Aramaic language. They aren’t always considered being a man because they aren’t attracted to women.

(Syriac Dictionary, edited by J. Payne Smith 1998, pgs 92 & 354)
Ni-she, ni-shin – n. women, effeminate men 
Ni-shai, ni-sha-ya, ni-shay-ta – adj. & n. womanly, feminine, effeminate; a female, effeminate man
Esther and some other women are watching this eunuch perform the proper etiquette of a queen before the king. (Pictures 1-6 are from The Bible Esther (a movie) Copyright MM Trimark Home Video, Copyright  LUBE S.r.l. 1998)
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